Top Must Have Travel Gadgets for Smart Backpackers and Nomads

Setting off for a few months is really exciting. I mean… once you’ve packed your bags of course. In my previous article, I listed the usual things you should not forget to pack. But if you want to make your life easier, here’s a list of crazy useful must have travel gadgets for your adventures in Asia.

They are not the conventional things you see on the typical checklist, though. Some of us like creative ideas but not everyone knows where to start and what will be frustrating during their travels.

Well, I rely on the ingenuity of some people who have been there and done that and because they saw problems with the situation, they came up with solutions to those problems.

If you are a true explorer and suspect that you may find yourself in slightly rougher places than 5 star hotels, these creative travel gadgets are going to come in really handy.

You can thank us later!


Must have travel gadgets for backpackers and digital nomads




Right, you’ve decided that you’re going travelling. There’s just one thing on your mind, should you get yourself a backpack and travel like a backpacker or stick to the suitcase? Well, no need to compromise on your travel style. Thanks to the ingenious idea of a hybrid travel backpack with wheels you can decide later what will be more practical.

Start your preparation with settling for nothing less than the best luggage that will accompany you throughout your trips across the globe. Read our post on the best backpacks with wheels for travel to know which ones are the most durable, comfortable and, if you’re on a string budget, most affordable!




Your water intake is going to skyrocket in Asia. Your hunger won’t match your thirst. Although water is cheap, you will end up collecting unnecessary bottles of water, especially for your day trips. There are many places in Thailand where you can refill water bottles with fresh filtered water for dirt cheap. Once done, fold it up. Win-win. You won’t need to carry plastic bottles around and Earth will thank you for your little contribution!



Ladies, believe it or not, this is one of the best inventions of a humankind! Tampons aren’t easily accessible in some parts of South East Asia and are more expensive than in the West. Did you know you can use this cup over and over again? Small, hygienic, reusable, comfortable. Saves you money in the long term and is just perfect for hiking trips. Seeing that it’s a solution to a monthly recurring issue, wouldn’t you just want to add it to your must have travel gadgets?

Great for backpackers or some nomads who are away for a few days. Guys, close your eyes now. Girls with heavy periods and the eco-friendly ones will appreciate this leakproof, reusable and washable sanitary pads.



If you’re doing proper sightseeing and planning on walking around Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City or Phnom Penh during peak time (it is always busy there), you are going to thank us for it.

Speaking from our experience, it is very hard to breathe when the only thing you can inhale is fumes around you from the tuk-tuks or motorbikes! If you’re staying in Asia for a few days, it may not be a big issue but if you’re considering backpacking or moving to Asia, the pollution can really damage your lungs. Especially if you happen to be travelling in the midst of burning season! If you need more guidance on how to pick the best anti pollution mask for Asia, read our article here.


You may find Neti Pot just as useful as we do. Neti Pot is a natural nasal irrigation for the blocked nose. Once you’re out here, you will most likely experience the love of locals for blasting freezing cold and dry air from air-con units inside the buildings.

Step outside and the humid heat will hit you in no time. The temperature and humidity difference between the two is very significant, especially during the hot wet season. Add to it pollution particles in the air.

Using Neti Pot would effectively get rid of dust and pollen in my nostrils and it’s so natural, just saline water. In Asia, I would use it on a daily basis in the evenings whereas in Europe the air quality is pretty good so you may only need it when you catch a cold (or are cycling on the congested London roads!).

You won’t need it if you’re going for a few weeks but Neti Pot will work magic for those working remotely and backpackers who are planning to stay in various places. Locals are familiar with the problem as it’s very common around humid and polluted places. Trust me, you will thank me for keeping your lungs clean despite having to smell fumes lingering in the flat, humid air on a daily basis!


Depends on what and where you’re going to go. For the bigger cities in Thailand, it is not necessary at all, especially if your goal is to do the usual touristy parts. What if you are a backpacker or a nomad who likes exploring less known places?

Many places in Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia and rural parts of Thailand may use contaminated water due to bad sanitation system in place. You know your body best but if you can’t get the bottled water around, a simple device like water filter will protect you from various bacteria in the rainwater or even springs in the remote places like mount Rinjani.




This is NOT any form of an essential item but… let me tell you why you will fall for it. we brought our projector from England because we already had it and simply because we are so in love with it! If you like watching your good old series or documentaries, this little gadget will give you 1000 times better experience than the laptop and won’t weigh much either.

We took it with us on the assumption that if we struggle finding affordable accommodation, we can find a simple room with wi-fi. All you need is online anyway and having an empty wall in the room will turn your room into a mini cinema at no cost whilst the room price can drop by quite a bit. One investment pays off in the long run!


Let us know which ones out of our must have travel gadgets seem to be most useful to you and where are you planning to use them (if you haven’t yet!)


These useful gadgets are so going to going to pay off during your travels around South East Asia!



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