Top Things to see in Bath for Romantic Couples

  I can’t forget the numerous trips to Hungarian, Polish and Slovakian hot springs during freezing cold winter times. A bit like a version of the European style of Japanese onsen. But guess what? We discovered that there are so many things to see in Bath near London. The best part? You get to soak your body in truly Roman Baths. Hold on, are we still in England?  Truth to be said, even more so, because of its unique connection to the ancient Roman times whilst not being in Italy, or somewhere mainland Europe. What brings back my memories about that place? You simply won’t get enough of one trip up there and soon you’ll start thinking of an excuse to be pampering yourself in the relaxing warmth of local waters.  

Top things to see in bath for couples

-Indulge yourself in a relaxing Spa, go all the way to the top open-air rooftop pool at Thermae Bath Spa and seize the opportunity to rest your mind as you please -Visit the Bath Museum. If you and your better half are planning to pamper yourselves with the thermal spa, it will compliment your weekend away. We learnt a lot during that time and even had a few gulps of natural mineral water containing 42 minerals directly from the fountain in the Pump Room! (honestly… it did not taste anything you are hoping to taste!)     -Explore the ancient town get lost in the romantic, ancient style alleyways -Visit Stonehenge at sunrise / sunset if you can. The Stonehenge tour bus drops you right before the rocks. I was a little disappointed we did not get to go inside the rocks as it is not permitted during usual opening hours. However, Stonehenge is open outside its usual business hours several times per year, i.e. mid-summer and mid-winter solstice for an amazing view. If you’re lucky to be reading this post early enough, don’t forget to time your visit for the 10th Stonehenge Campsite Summer Solstice Festival between 18th-21st June 2018! I’d recommend to make the most of your trip from London to Bath by combining it with a day trip from Bath to Stonehenge. Ticket costs £16.50 pp.

What a view! It is so much better to see it from much closer when you arrange it prior to your booking.

  -Take a stroll in the Prior Park Landscape Garden designed in 18th century by the poet Alexander Pope. You will undoubtedly find yourself encompassed by the beautiful scenery. f you’re passionate about photography, you’ll be spoilt for choice, from  the Palladian bridge, the ice house, serpentine lake to the Gothic temple. I wouldn’t waste the opportunity if you’re coming to Bath to celebrate your anniversary! Walk another 5 to 10 minutes and you’ll end up overlooking Bath from the top at Bath Skyline. How about combining it with the sunset?  -Explore local vintage shops in Bath – say no more ladies!     -Don’t miss out on a ride at Bath Two Tunnels Circuit – who said you should spend your time in pure leisureliness? Two Tunnels Circuit is a masterpiece of its own, showcasing romantic, lost in the dark lanes setting and never disappointing to lead you to the light at the end of the tunnel! Stretched over 13 miles, it crosses Central Bath, Midford and Monkton Combe, forming a fantastic circular route. It’s just great for riding a bike, or bringing your kick scooters, outdoor activity lovers! -Jane Austen – not just an English novelist, since 14th Sep 2017 her face has been circulating on the £10 notes, along with the face of Queen Elizabeth. Jane Austen Museum in Bath sets you back to the Georgian townhouse where you’ll enjoy some dressed in old-fashioned costumes character guides. Anyone up for an afternoon tea? There’s also a Regency Tea Room you could pop into for a little while.     -Get lost in Westonbirt Arbretum – If you think you’ve run out of things to see in Bath, this leafy park won’t disappoint. It is home to about 18,000 trees and is one of the finest arboretums in the UK. Time your trip wisely, the single entrance costs £10 pp but it’s totally worth it, particularly around the autumn. The two wonderful ladies we met during our trip told us about the long queues in October and the illuminated tree event called Enchanted Christmas at Westonbirt Arbretum with reindeer joining Christmas carols.  

Best time to book your weekend away in Bath

We visited Bath twice, first time during cold winter months, more precisely – at beginning of January. English winter is a lot more forgiving than the one in mainland Europe (with an exception of southern parts of the continent). Second time happened recently, mid of September. If you dread the moment of undressing to your swimwear in the midst of winter, fear no more! You probably won’t experience below 0 degree temperatures in England. Winter time in England is a lot more bearable. My recommendation is to try Roman Baths in the summer and winter but if I had to pick – winter is ten times better because of the difference in temperature outside. It is so enjoyable when the natural waters keep your body warmed up and your breath in chilled air!    

How to get to Bath, England

Bath is known universally for its historical value and spa facilities. Bath is conveniently located near London, with good connection to the capital and other parts of England if you aren’t driving. If you’re visiting England for a few days, make sure you don’t miss out on the trip up there. There’s more to UK than London!

How to get to Bath Spa

-hop on the GWR train to Bath Spa from London Paddington in zone 1 (north west), the full timetable is available here. It’s a nice, 5-7 minute walk.     – alternatively, you can take the National Express coach from Victoria station (zone 1) in London to Bath spa coach station, it takes about 2h 35 mins, advertising from £2.40 one way. Bear in mind that the price will usually be between £5 to £10 depending on the time and ticket availability. There are also other bus operators you can consider. Megabus is another coach company that will take you from London to Bath Spa, offering a fantastic fare from £1. Again, let’s be more realistic and aim for about £5 – £7 per fare. In my opinion this is the most economical option and not so constraining. turn on your GPS and drive from your destination and be independent on your choices of time and travel which might not be the cheapest but definitely the most convenient option.  

Where to stay in Bath

Our suggestion is to book well in advance and stay around the old town (in particular if you are planning to do your sightseeing on foot) If you’re out of luck and simply cannot find cheap hotels in Bath and are considering driving, you will find a good selection of cheap hotels in Chippenham in Wiltshire. We stayed in one of the Premier Inn hotels near Bath which was very half the price of the one in Bath. Second time round, we stayed in Swindon which is a little far from Bath but once again, the accommodation and the town were pretty good.  

What to be aware of when visiting Bath

-watch out for the queues to the Spa, they can be pretty long! We waited over one hour to get in first time round. We were luckier during our second trip to Roman Baths as we had just escaped the peak season. If you choose a weekday instead, you are bound to skip the queues and have this place a bit more to yourself. -unfortunately, no cameras allowed in Thermal Spas in Bath! They are quite rigorous about it. Take your GoPro if you really must but we have not seen anyone using their phones. Strictly relax in the warm waters!  

No pictures allowed! Last selfie before we jump in the blissfully warm natural waters in Roman Baths

  -opening hours (check out) – make sure you allocate enough time for possible queuing so you can make the most of your time in the spa. Generally, a 2 hour slot is allocated per visitor with additional option to pay extra for additional time. The usual 2 hour slot includes additional 30 mins free of charge for you to getting ready. If you really like it, stay longer and pay for the extra time before you leave but I reckon  3-4 hours is plenty to make you feel shattered! 🙂 Believe it or not, we felt so relaxed and tired after the spa that we ended up sleeping like babies in our hotel room! It was undoubtedly one of the best sleeps I’ve ever had and sometimes I wish I could fall asleep so effortlessly as I did back in Bath!     -there a lot of good spots for a dessert or an afternoon tea to explore. Dinner wise, Kevin treated me to the delicious steak house which served top quality beef. You will be spoiled for choice there 🙂 – make effort to visit the museum, it’s quite an interesting and definitely educational place to be in!     Enjoy your romantic getaway!      

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