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I’m Celina, the founder of this blog. I write about our experiences from travelling and I hope you inspire you to set off one day and explore the world. Stay tuned, I’m working hard to put all those memories together! 🙂

Dear Reader,


Welcome to Millennial Travel Confessions, our only anchor to the harbour of the Western world. If you landed on this page, you can give credit to Google who decided to make our paths cross.

Perhaps you are just bored at work or simply looking for some inspiration in your life, just like I needed some a few months ago before my partner and I decided to quit our corporate jobs, pack our suitcases and dive into unknown. Millennial Travel Confessions team consists of two young people, Celina and Kev, darn brave millennials who thought that travelling as a couple will bring fun, joy, safety, companionship and trust. And we were not mistaken.

We are an interracial couple. For some of you we form quite an unusual mix of Slavic and Chinese features. We find blend of those two cultures highly stimulating. We handpicked best values taken after our origins and those adapted from London fast paced business-driven and progressive mind set.

Unlike many backpackers travelling alone, we benefit from hotels, aparthotels and guesthouses with better facilities thanks to the lower cost per head. Slow travel meant that we could also bring our suitcases on-board! Now, let me introduce us properly so you get a gist of who we are and whether we can boost your self-assurance that you will also be OK before you make this decision for yourself.


Defined by many as incurable optimist and dreamer. During my teenagehood I dreamt about working for Discovery Channel documenting remote lifestyles of people in rainforest tropics. It did not happen.

Life reshaped those dreams and soon after my A-levels I ended up in London studying Business with Spanish and Japanese. I chose this course to help me get access to diversity of cultures and perhaps connect with rest of the world in the more profound, not-so-touristy way. After graduation I ended up in the City of London, working in a corporate investment environment for the past 3 years and allegedly enjoying the young professional lifestyle until October 2016.

…But this was not what I truly wanted. There was a small piece of me saying: ‘This is not who you are’. Because I wanted travel badly. I say ‘No’ to a two week holiday if my manager allows me to do so. You say: ‘Spoiled brat’, ‘Unruly’, ‘Ungrateful’. I say:, ‘Don’t judge me’, ‘Millennial lifestyle’, ‘I dare to dream’ ‘You only live once’, ‘Don’t kill your dreams or else your dreams kill you’.

After two years in the corporate world I met Kev who also had traveling in mind. Just like me, at first he planned to go as a solo traveller. Shortly after we met, we put traveling as two on a ‘Maybe’ list which in fact turned into ‘Definitely’.   Ever since, talks and plans about permanent holiday and us leaving England have been our bread and butter. A change for life that makes you thrilled and frightened simultaneously about not having a set plan or direction.

One year later, we were packing our bags and flying out to South East Asia. This is how much we both wanted it to make it happen. Who knows, maybe you want a change for life nearly as much as we wanted it? So far, we have been loving our permanent holiday which we essentially define as living in a foreign country (in our case exotic place with loads of daily vitamin D supply!) and embracing the culture, sights, local food and lifestyle. If you feel that you want to know even more about us, here you go.


What do we like:



We are typical foodies. We luuuuurve food. We are addicted to Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Italian and Chinese cuisine to name a few. Dining 3 times per week on average, trying new flavours in London, the capital of diversity.   We are not confined any one from fine dining, chic restaurant, new pop-ups, food stalls or family-run businesses. We value quality food with great dining experience.

Our never ending appetite for food is satiated in various London food markets with street food-set up: Camden Market, Shoreditch, Brixton Market, Borough Market and often visiting Soho and Chinatown for inspirations. Traveling to other countries allows us to taste authentic traditional cuisine, rather than a modern blend or dishes catered for the Western world.

Boxing, Gym & Spa:

Kev has been doing Boxing for the past few years and his skills are impressive. He’s been repeatedly praised for his technique and powerful punches in and outside the gym, with many PTs coming up to him thinking he’s training me for money!  I was introduced to boxing by him (whether I liked it or not!) and got really into it.

We also like training in the gym where we can release endorphins and get pumped up just like many young professionals after long working hours in the corporate environment.   Not to mention Spa that is so revitalising to our body and soul. Whenever we get the chance to, we try to spoil ourselves.


Musicals, theatre, cinema, exhibitions, and outdoor events is what we like. We may occasionally swarm you with some post or article of some cultural events at home and the world over!


We’re coming closer to the reasons of why started off in South East Asia. We love travel to hot and sunny places, perhaps tropical, especially where the people of the country are friendly, helpful and do not keep themselves to themselves but are willing to share their experiences.

Spain, Greece, US, Asia, hopefully in the future we will be able to tell you more also about places like Australia and Latin America. Escape from 9 to 5 lifestyle will allow us to decide where and when to go. By escaping 9 to 5 job we not mean no more work, we still need to find ways to sponsor our lifestyle. It just means we are more creative in searching for employment and majority is done online.

We hope reading our travel confessions will make your reading pleasant and indulge in a journey that has only just started!

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