Not a clue what to pack for Thailand? The Clever Guide to His and Her Packing List


Do you dread packing your suitcases as much as we did? Deciding on what to bring on the short-term trips around Europe is a lot easier than travelling to Asia but this not anticipated task can turn almost pain free if you stick to some guidelines. Here you can find a full list of what to pack for Thailand and other South East Asian countries.

Whether you’re travelling solo or in a group, you will have your answers covered here. Her packing list is very different from his packing list and this is why we had to draw a line between the lists. If you are traveling as a couple, even better. Believe me or not, it’s your lucky day today as we’re going to save you a lot of time in this exciting time!

After visiting Asia a few times, we decided to move there for a few months. We took Thailand as our base which added to our experience on what is worth packing what you could give a miss.


What to pack for Thailand – Your Essentials Checklist

How about saving you some space in your backpack or suitcase? Some things don’t need to be doubled and others you can buy out there. You can either travel lighter or at least have a wider selection of things to bring on the plane as some things can be shared (no, not your partner’s boxer shorts!).

Anyway, there are things like medication, sun protection creams or shampoos or, like in our case, boxing pads, you may want to bring in one suitcase but share between you.

Our packing list will suit holiday makers, people who are planning to stay in Thailand and South East Asia for a few months, like backpackers or some working remotely so make sure you check out our tips thoroughly!


Her packing list for Thailand

It’s important to have your necessities with you but there is no need to go OTT with the number of outfits. If you don’t need much and believe you can fit everything in your hand luggage, I want to hear from you. But if you are like me and like to take care of yourself a bit and be prepared for different scenarios without carrying a heavy suitcase, check out what’s useful to pack.

Here’s what we packed and perhaps you may want to take with you:


Hair straightener / styler – It is really up to you. I brought my one with me and I used it a few times. Due to high levels of humidity in the tropical places, you will need a lot of hair spray to keep your hairdo intact.  If you’re in drier places like North of Thailand or China, you will be fine. Check what season you are going to approach during your stay in Asia. Warm, dry climate will work well.

I don’t think you will need it every day as you will probably use it more for special occasions so try to invest in the mini straightener with curling options. Lightweight and compact, just perfect for the trips away like your birthday, Christmas or New Year’s Eve in Asia.


Deodorant – Everyone has their own preference and knows what works best for them. Whilst Thailand is good with availability of Western branded products, you may find that a lot of deodorants are with skin whitening ingredients. It may not be an issue but if you want to know what products are paraben-free, you may not find this information on all labels and even if it does, you probably won’t understand.

During wet and hot season, your skin will be soaking wet after 10 minute walk so stay hydrated and make sure you have your trusted paraben free deodorant on you.

Another thing to bear in mind is the heat and humidity that increase your perspiration. Whilst Chiang Mai is very pleasant during cooler months and resembles the climate of Southern Europe during late spring and summer, Krabi in the hot and wet season can be unbearable.


Tampons – You can get them in the bigger cities in Asia. In Thailand there should not be a big problem trying to find a supply. Not all Boots will sell them so check out Watsons. If you’re going to less developed areas, you are better off bringing them with you.

Contraception – Pack your usual one. Better to be safe than sorry! 

Make-up removal wipes


Hair and Body products

  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel (l’Occitane, Molton Brown and Ted Baker – efficient small bottles good start,)
  • Hair brush (x2) 
  • Coconut oil –
  • Amber conditioner – hair growth
  • Nair hair removal (not as many options in SEA, you end up paying more for less
  • L’Oreal Mud Mask
  • Epilator / IPL laser – to suggest



  • Dresses x3 (beach and casual long ones – we attended a  Cambodian wedding)
  • Shorts x2
  • Tops x7
  • Jumpsuit 
  • Shoes (flip flops, trainers, sandals)
  • Hat (air conned planes and journey to and back from the airports in Europe)
  • Scarves (used as skirts, long dresses and sarongs for the temples – some temples do not provide any clothing but will not let you walk in if you aren’t dressed properly)
  • Gym clothes (shorts, top and bra)



  • Bikini (x 5-6 sets) – light and easy to use as underwear, comfortable and if you plan to stay by the beach or have a swimming pool, river, lake or waterfalls around, invest in more than 2 or 3.



  • Sunglasses (3 pairs) – 1 Ray Ban frames with polarised lenses
  • Glasses
  • Cases for glasses
  • Contact lenses (set for 2.5 months as I don’t wear lenses very single day)

OTC and Prescribed medication:

  • Viscotears – tired eyes (good for contact lenses wearers)
  • Vicks cream for chest – any illness or breathing problems
  • Vicks inhaler stick – I had perforated eardrum and this is what works for pilot- instantly unblocks your nose especially during long-haul flights
  • Thai balm (buy here)
  • Amoxicillin
  • Malaria tablets for regions at risk
  • Imodium
  • Sterimar – nasal and ear hygiene – allergies and sinusitis
  • CicaCare – Plasters for scars – amazing and you can make it into many smaller pieces – for sun exposure





  • Wallet (Ted Baker)
  • Passport holder / case

His packing list for Thailand


The list of things to bring for men is a lot shorter than packing list for women so if you are a guy, you can stay rested.


  • Vaseline – intensive care – aloe soothe
  • Cotton buds – can buy anywhere
  • Metal rod for his earwax (yuck!)



  • Tank Tops
  • Shoes – Havaiana flip flops, Tom’s, boat shoes, trainers
  • Sunglasses (Ray Ban)
  • Socks
  • Gym clothes
  • Sun blocking hat



  • Wallet (Hershel)
  • Passport holder


OTC and Prescribed medication:

  • Mosquito repellent DEET 50
  • Sun cream
  • After tanning lotion
  • Asthma pump
  • Eczema cream


Sports / Health

  • Jellyfish cream
  • Water purifier

Things to share


  • Laptops (Toshiba and Asus)
  • Laptop Sleeve and Laptop case
  • Projector (Epson)
  • Camera (Canon)
  • Camera case
  • Power banks – 3 (1 mains charged, 2 solar panel chargers that can also be mains charged)
  • HD action camera (Apeman)
  • External Hard drive
  • Memory cards for the Canon camera, action camera and 2 phones
  • Phones (iPhone, Samsung and Sony Experia Z3 plus)
  • Portable bluetooth speaker
  • Adaptors x3
  • Wireless bluetooth headphones
  • Mini tripod
  • Selfie stick
  • Selfie flash
  • Waterproof case for your phone
  • Screen protector anti-tampering
  • Chromecast


  • Tripp suitcase
  • Waterproof bag for days out – whether kayaking, snorkelling, diving, waterfalls or a rainy day, especially during rainy season – also as a normal bag (its puffed out and can be a used as a float)


  • Boxing gloves
  • Snorkel masks
  • Beach tennis pads
  • Fins for snorkelling


Bring a pair you could take for hiking and evening walks. Although you may end up like us wearing flip flops and sandals for most of the time out there, the comfy and light trainers will be good for transit, plane journeys, colder evenings and day trips at higher altitude and even lighter forms of climbing.

If you’re staying out in Asia for a few weeks or months, you probably use them for indoor and outdoor workouts! I got this pair in orange and it’s the best pair of trainers I’ve ever owned. Your feet don’t sweat in them as they are designed with clever airing out holes and hug your feet like a sock, giving you a good grip.



What else should you do before you leave for Asia

  • Get the injections
  • Get a comprehensive insurance
  • Book flight tickets and accommodation
  • Quit your job – if you’re planning to stay longer
  • Do some reading on places to see


Have a fabulous time in South East Asia!

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