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The mystical White Temple in Chiang Rai – the surreal Southeast Asian Gaudi sculpture?

Why should you visit famous Chiang Rai’s White Temple?   Whether you’re only on a short holiday or working remotely somewhere in Thailand, you must include Thailand’s temples in your bucket list. If you don’t know which ones to pick, by all means, make sure you don’t...

Traditional Thai food from the North: Lanna Khantoke dinner

Traditional Thai food from the North: Lanna Khantoke dinner   Have you ever tried traditional Thai food from the North? Khantoke dinner may be the answer if you’re looking to get a little bit closer to the Thai culture than to its mesmeric, jewel-blue sea. Today’s...

Dare to escape snowy Europe to spend Christmas in Thailand?

  How many of you dream about a white Christmas? Anyone out there thought of escaping winter to spend Christmas in Thailand? I know, I know, it’s pretty hard to imagine to feel the Christmas spirit wearing bikini and swim shorts or at least short sleeves, or is it?...

New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai – The Sky of Floating Lanterns

Some time ago, we promised ourselves that the next New Year’s Eve would be different from the others and we made it happen by spending our last New Year's Eve in Chiang Mai. Whilst the vast majority of the NYE celebration spots are associated with scintillating...

How did I lose weight naturally: travel and eat what locals do!

  If you are here, the chances are that you got hooked onto this captivating title so read on. Whatever the reason, this post is going to be about one of the things that get me really excited: how to effectively reduce weight, eat delicious food and not make...

Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea Powder : A Potent Green Elixir

  Curious about drinking Matcha? It’s not just a fashion statement. If you favour your well-being and quality nutrition, you simply cannot walk past this wonderful ground green powder. I wanted to share with you my little research done on Matcha green tea powder....

Hilly Doi Mae Salong Village and the Story of the Isolated Chinese Tribes

  When the sun-deprived holiday makers think of Thailand, they immediately picture in their heads paradisal tropical beaches, balmy wind and fine sand bathing their weary feet. Stop here, there’s more to it. The less touristy North of Thailand is where you’ll find...

Benefits of being Multilingual – Does it really help when travelling?

    Today’s post is inspired by our stay in Portugal. If you decide to move to a foreign country without speaking the local language, things may be a little tricky, especially at first. But what challenges you is what shapes you as an individual. If you choose to...

The enchanting Tokyo Cycling Tour on a Cyclo Rickshaw

The enchanting Tokyo Cycling Tour on a Cyclo Rickshaw   Tokyo. It’s the dream destination for many Westerners. The capital that combines quirky tech with well-preserved shrines and temples. A metropolis that prides itself on embedding traditional values in...

Chiang Mai Apartment Hunting: Your Starting Point To Living In Chiang Mai

If living in Thailand is on your bucket list, then this should be your first-hand guide, based on our own experience. We didn’t use any real estate agencies to find a condo in Chiang Mai and I doubt you would need to. There are many condos to rent in Chiang Mai Old Town and surrounding areas such as Nimman, with many young and driven expats from all over the world.

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