Top 5 Best Anti Pollution Masks for Asia


Top 5 Best Anti Pollution Masks for Asia



Going to some of the most exotic and oriental parts of the world like South East Asia and the Far East can be really thrilling. Whether you are a holiday maker spending a couple of weeks on a sightseeing trip or a backpacker travelling to Asia for a few months wanting to explore its fascinating culture, packing an anti pollution mask for Asia is one thing you should not forget about, just in case.

Don’t make the mistake many do, a smog mask is a must if you’re thinking of visiting the world renown metropolitan cities holding much of the Asian cultural heritage, like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong , Beijing or Shanghai. They’re also hubs for high concentration of harmful pollution particles, only to mention that you will not only feel the effects in your lungs and often see the smog in the air.

This vast continent has to offer almost anything you can think of and I’d be surprised if you didn’t enjoy your stay but soon after you land, you will think of this article telling you that you’re going to experience a cultural shock, including the striking differences in the air quality. You’ll be surprised how quickly the anti-pollution mask scrounged somewhere at the bottom of your suitcase will come in handy, thanks to a smart packing list for Asia !


Top 5 Best Anti Pollution Masks Reviewed



  • Four-way stretch
  • Air-permeable technical fabric for supports comfortable breathing in humid and hot conditions
  • Comes in two colour variations: black and olive green
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Black/Silver a black/silver Powa Elite™ valve
  • Comes with a Nylon mesh carry bag
  • Unbreakable white/gold nose clip
  • Hepa-Type™ sports filter fitting includes PM2.5 filter effective for filtering out particulates in hot, dusty conditions, in particular congested urban areas


Ideal for:

  • Anyone travelling to hot and humid climates
  • Dusty roads in the countryside and urban environments
  • Commuters on the bikes and motorbikes spending much time in traffic
  • People suffering from asthma, allergies and related breathing conditions
  • Anyone travelling around the world
  • Avid outdoorsman who values health as much as adventure
  • Anyone looking for a high quality, easily adjustable lightweight mask
  • Anyone passionate about ourdoor sports like horseriding



  • As this product is non-returnable, make sure you get the sizing right


Respro Ultralight has been designed for a demanding wearer who values comfort without compromising on a high quality anti pollution mask. If you are planning to spend a sizeable amount of time outdoors in hot, humid climates with a high concentration of particles, this model won’t disappoint.

You can be assured that this air pollution mask is equipped with a very breathable PM2.5 filter responsible for filtering out car exhausts and pollen particles, present in all major city destinations and rural locations across Asia.

This multipurpose mask comes with many advantages. One of them is the combination of Hepa-Type™ sports filter with air permeable, lightweight, mouldable design and Easy Velcro® fastening. The 4-way stretch material allows for a snug fit and can be adjusted if it gets tight.

Using Respro Ultralight can be a life saver for anyone suffering from asthma or pollen allergy flare ups. This anti smog mask is not limited to an average tourist spending a few hours on foot and public transport. It will serve anyone looking for a good cycling pollution mask and even those who will like to use it for sports involving more stamina and often bumpy terrain.








  • Hepa-Type™ filters out unburnt fuel, sub-micron particulates and PM2.5
  • DACC™ layer for filtering gases and vapours
  • Techno™ valves for enhanced airflow performance
  • Rapid Airflow Valve System (RAVS™)
  • Velcro® fastening
  • Washable
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Fully adjustable for desired fit


Ideal for:

  • Commuters and tourists on foot or bikes frequently visiting crowded, polluted cities with poor air quality and restricted visibility


  • The mask can get quite warm and damp as the moisture gets trapped when used daily


Respro Techno has been designed to filter out particulate pollutants invisible in the air. Whether you’re planning to walk to the major sightseeing metropolitan city spots or use a bike, this product is by far one of the best anti pollution masks for Asia out there.

It is highly effective in removing particular matter in places with alarmingly high pollution levels like Beijing or Hanoi where the dust is endemic throughout the cities and many surrounding rural areas. 

Thanks to DACC™ layer and Hepa-Type™, this mask filters out PM2.5 and sub-micron particulates. Asthma sufferers will find relief in using this mask as it will prevent them from coughing, spluttering sore throat or rhinitis often associated with inhaling car and motorbike toxins, road dust and other, often invisible to our eyes, air pollutants.

This mask is critical for anyone staying in Asia for a few months and planning to walk or cycle regularly. Many places in China, Vietnam or Indonesia, the air quality breaches the acceptable norm multi-fold so if you want to enjoy the ride, you must think about protecting your respiratory system in the long-run.

Initially, you might feel it’s a little tight and restricts your airflows a little but this lightweight anti-smog mask will comfortably mould to your face after a few uses. Respro Techno is washable and the replaceable filters guarantee longevity to this mask and provide uncompromised breathing quality at all times.





If you happen to already have one, remember about changing filters as these masks will lose their effectiveness with time.









  • Respirators contain a 3M Cool Flow valve to reduce heat and moisture build-up inside the mask
  • Low Breathing Resistance Filter Technology for uncompromised, high quality performance
  • Built with a three-panel structure to fit a wide range of facial shapes
  • Disposable flat P3 respirator
  • Individual wrapping of each mask for guaranteed hygiene levels
  • Large soft nose foam for increased comfort


Ideal for:

  • Anyone spending many hours outdoors and involved in a demanding physical activity
  • Anyone travelling to extremely hot and humid environments with an elevated pollution concentration and looking for an increased respiratory protection against metal fumes and fine dust
  • People working in variety of industrial applications who need FFP3 protection
  • Convenience and hygiene levels thanks to its disposable use
  • Effective protection from mists and fine dust
  • A group of travellers, i.e. a family or friends who prefer to use disposable, adjustable masks due to occasional need but want to take advantage of buying a multipack of 5



  • Due to its disposable use, it has limited use and should not be re-used


3M Aura Disposable Respirators 9332+ is a multifunctional, highly effective air pollution mask that can be used by the travellers and industrial workers. This model incorporates respirators with a 3M Cool Flow valve that reduces heat and moisture building up inside the mask, a factor that can be irritating in hot and humid counties. The valve pushes the exhaled air down, moving it away from the face, keeping it clear from the dampness.

The three-panel structure of 3M 9332 model makes it one of the best disposable anti-pollution masks thanks to an increased comfort during each use. The design allows the mask to adjust to various facial shapes which might be a good option for the short term holiday makers travelling in groups. Great news, you would be able to make some serious savings without purchasing individual multiple packs.

If you’re concerned about the hygiene, the multipack of 3M Aura Disposable anti smog masks come in individual packaging in order to protect the respirator from any spread of contamination.

Lastly, what makes this mask one of the best anti pollution masks for Asia is the guarantee to serve the needs of demanding tourists who want to receive an ultimate protection from the pollen and dust particles thanks to its wide use across many industrial occupations.







  • Designed using British military filtration technology with washable respirator
  • Made of military grade carbon that meets N99 filtration standard of airborne pollutants
  • Tested for NK-95 Chinese standards
  • Equipped with triple-layer filter system for increased protection against airborne pollutants
  • Protection from VOCs residue (Volatile Organic Compounds), Benzathine and Ozone present in China and India in particular
  • Effective protection from PM10, PM2.5 and PM0.3, pollen and virus transmitting bacteria
  • Available in 5 sizes and 15 unisex designs, latex free
  • Adjustable straps for a snug fit and user-friendly design great for little children
  • Average lifespan of 3-6 months depending on the frequency and pollution levels


Ideal for:

  • Travellers who suffer from or may be at risk of respiratory conditions due to dust, mould and allergens
  • Travellers exposed to urban environments and rural regions high in air pollution levels
  • Anyone who wants to add a individual, fashionable touch to their respiratory travel mask
  • Cyclists, city dwellers and students that commute to cities with high pollen and dust concentration
  • Visitors to tropical countries with uncomfortable levels of humidity and dust
  • Asthmatics and people with allergies like pollen or hay fever
  • Any age group that requires protection from irritants, in particular children, pregnant women and elderly



  • Whilst it doesn’t restrict your smell when being worn, it is concerning that you may still be able to smell unpleasant road odours and exhaust fumes


The Cambridge Mask N99 provides sufficient protection to meet N95 and N99 standards for particulate matter filtration.  It’s been tested to meet Chinese NK-95 filtration standards.

This anti smog N95 mask was designed with a triple-layer filter system to prevent particle matter from getting into the lungs, including PM10, PM2.6 and PM 0.3, with the latter one invisible to the naked eye but highly irritable to the respiratory system.

This mask can be used in many highly polluted and dusty countries like India, China and even Moroccan Sahara region by anyone regardless of their age or sex. It comes in 5 sizes and 15 design variations making it a lot more user-friendly than other anti smog masks. It is particularly recommended for children, pregnant women, elderly and anyone who is at risk of developing or worsening of their existing respiratory conditions like asthma. People with allergies to pollen, dust and hay fever will also find relief in using the Cambridge Mask N99.

This anti pollution face mask is latex free and made of comfortable fabric that does not restrict you from smelling things through the filter and doesn’t get sweaty or damp after extended use and can be worn with glasses when adjusted properly.







  • Comes with FFP2 activated carbon filter prevents inhaling dangerous airborne particulate contaminants, ranging in size from PM10, PM2.5 to PM0.3
  • NIOSH-approved for N99 filtering
  • Provides effective relief from allergy particles, mould, irritable allergens and urban pollution
  • Eco-friendly Organic cotton faceblank design provides a comfortable fit
  • Equipped with reusable N99 FPP2 filter
  • Designed with two exhale valves for easier breathing and exhaling more air volume
  • Average use of 2-5months depending on the pollution levels and frequency of use (est. 410 hours)
  • Comes in 2 sizes, variety of colours and stylish designs
  • Keeps face cool and free from dampness
  • Head strap accessory sold separately
  • Washable


Ideal for:

  • Travellers going to destinations with high concentration of irritable pollutants
  • Hot and humid climates as well as dry and unpleasant air during winter season
  • Travellers who do not want to compromise on their health and look for premium protection
  • Anyone whose respiratory system is prone to various irritants like mould, germs, pollen, dust and nitrogen dioxide
  • Anyone who lives in or travels to highly polluted and industrialised regions in Asia, such as mainland China (Beijing)
  • People wearing glasses



  • Since there are only 2 available sizes, the fitting might not be as good
  • Head strap accessory not included


If you’re looking for a high quality anti smog protection mask, this eco-friendly model has been made with comfort in mind. Vogmask offers superior protection and when fitted properly, it effectively blocks germs, pollen, mould and high particulate matter ranging from PM10, PM2.5 to PM0.3.

Unlike some, this mask will keep your face cool and allow to breathe comfortably without compromising on your lifestyle and travel experience. It has been equipped with Dual Valve for enhanced comfort of breathing.

Vogmask can be worn with glasses without making them foggy. It can be used in both hot and cold climates. It is recommended by respiratory practitioners who consider it amongst best anti pollution masks for long term use. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers will find relief in using this mask when travelling to Asia.

It meets NIOSH N99 filtering standards and can be used anywhere between 2-5 months on average, depending on the frequency and level of pollution in the region. Vogmask N99C2V can be washed with water. Vogmask N99C2V comes in 2 sizes, medium and large, and a variety of elegant colours.










We hope you enjoyed reading our guide to top 5 best anti pollution masks. Don’t forget to leave a comment if this article has helped you find the mask that fits in with your lifestyle needs! 

Note from the Autor:

I wrote this article a while back when we got back from our trip to Asia a couple of years ago to make people aware of the importance of protecting themselves from pollution and this still stands. Unfortunately, the recent developments in cases of Coronavirus in China, Italy and now also Europe and the United States strongly indicates that nowhere is safe and the masks that have been previously recommended to use for trips around Asia where pollution is high have now been extended to the every day use for business travel and tourists travelling across continents, visiting neighbouring countries and commuting to work.

Whilst I do not support the idea of the use of anti pollution masks for tackling Coronavirus as they are not as effective (some sources suggest for the surgical and specialised masks to be effective you should change the disposable masks as frequently as every few hours (!) and continue to wash the reusable masks for best results), deciding to put a mask on is one way of not only reducing the risk of of being infected by in some cases deadly impact of the Coronavirus spread, but also being mindful about others who, if you have caught the corona and aren’t in self-isolation yet, are preventing others from catching it off you.

Please, do not be selfishg and stay at home wherever possible! I hate to say it but coronavirus has already taken a huge toll on some countries and continues to do so. Take it seriously and don’t put others in jeopardy because of your selfish ego tells you that you can’t stay indoors for longer than a couple of hours. Do something to better yourself, such as take up a hobby, read the books that you never have time for, learn a new language or simply message friends and family you haven’t spoken to for a while and ask for their health.

As much as we may not agree with China’s politics, we can see that the taking utmost serious approach to enforcing self-quarantine has been successful and other societies are yet to learn from the discipline that has set a blueprint to othwer communities. Do not waste the chance your country has been given.

I hope that by reading this post you will also take into account the importance of rationing your purchases, this includes visits to the supermarkets and leaving with trolleys full of toiletries when people in need, especially elderly, aren’t as fortunate to queue up for hours, they are the once we should remember about most.




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