Exploring English Countryside: The Sea of Dazzling Lavender Fields

Why should you visit lavender fields in the UK

For those of you who can’t make it to see cherry blossoms in Japan, there are comparative alternatives – the dazzling purple lavender fields. Whilst Asian nature is utterly fascinating, the European spellbinding beauty can be found round the corner if you know what you’re after. So we’re dedicating this very post to our little discovery in the heart of England – the lavender fields.

If you are currently living in England, you don’t even have to leave the country so why not make a day trip up there are indulge in the sweet lavender aroma?

It’s a must see for those who are coming to the UK for a few days – you must check in at an English countryside before you wave your boarding pass through the UK borders on your way out! Otherwise you haven’t seen England.

Now if you’re still contemplating why should you make the slightest effort towards the lavender farms, here’s all you need to know before you jump on a train to the lavender fields.


What to see and do in the Lavender fields


To start with, this type of trip is all about exploring English countryside and its rustic feel. Londoners, if you’ve had enough of no air-con on the tube and want to escape the stampede on a busy, sunny, summery weekend (yeah, I feel your pain) opt out from the obvious tourist attractions and  opt in for the English lavender farm.

If you’re visiting the UK and have covered most of London attractions, you should check out the British farms. We love landscapes and to be honest, we simply couldn’t get enough of acres of purple fields stretching over the horizon. It is so relaxing and strangely satisfying to your eyes.

The best part? If you love surrounding yourself with nature and flowers, some lavender farms allow you to pick some lavender so you don’t leave empty handed! On top of that, our new passion for photography was another good reason to head out to lavender fields and practice our photography (and modelling!) skills.

It’s not all about the flowers, sunshine and camera, though! Lavender farm owners will make sure you’re having a good day out, whether you’re with your family, friends or just your other half.

In places like Hitchin Lavender you can sit down for some tea, sandwich or dessert in a truly rustic style barn, serving local lavender inspired cakes, creams, lotions, oils and perfumes. It’s a lovely gift for anyone (and of course your own treat, that is). Ah, did I mention a lavender ice cream?!

I cannot really call myself a botanist (not patient enough) but some lavender farms grow an interesting variety of lavender plants. English lavender may look indifferent to French lavender to majority of us but if you have a closer look, you may see the difference as 

In short, here’s to name a few:

  • Acres of purple land, calming and soothing to your eyes
  • Try lavender scones
  • Buy lavender products like creams, perfume or foods (cakes)
  • Enjoy the English countryside
  • Stay in a rustic restaurant tea room

Best time to visit the lavender fields in the UK

  • Best time of the year – summer – farms open from June till October. Ideally, you want to be there between end June till early August and ideally before harvesting! This, however, can be quite frequent depending on the weather conditions in the given year.  
  • Daytime – unfortunately majority will shut before sunset but you may get lucky towards end of September, close to Equinox. There are, however, some lavender fields that allow you to visit after 5pm or 6pm. Your best best will be Hitchin Lavender Fields, Mayfield Lavender Farm and The Hop Shop in Sevenoaks. Enjoy whilst the sunny days last!


Who would enjoy the lavender fields

  • Nature lovers
  • Romantic date for couples
  • Those wanting a short getaway from London
  • Hikers – you can derail from the local hiking routes if you’re in Hertfordshire
  • Pre- and Wedding photoshoots
  • Family day out
  • Countryside aficionados
  • Bloggers
  • Tea lovers – connect with Mother Nature in the rustic tea room


Useful tips before visiting the lavender fields

  • Bees, bumblebees and other flower loving creatures – if you like the flowers, bees will like them even more!
  • Go a few days after it’s been sunny – if it’s raining for an extended period of time, the flowers won’t blossom as much and the fields won’t look so purple
  • It can be quite busy at times so make sure you bring some packed lunch in case the queue to the till is long (I mean, seriously long)
  • Same with toilets – busy, busy, busy
  • You get to pick your own lavenders and bring them home!!
  • Option of professional pictures taken at the farm
  • Probably won’t see sunrise or sunset (hours are usually until 5pm)
  • It will be busy but you will get your own space to take pics and pick lavender
  • Hitchin has a smallish sunflower farm right next to its lavender farm!
  • Beautiful and sweet-scented lavender gifts? Hell, yeah! Not just for your family but a well-deserved gift for yourself


If you think you’ve run out of ideas and looking for quite unusual things to do in England, the trip up there will brighten up your day with purple hills. I don’t want to sound biased but it’s probably one of the best lavender fields in the UK and it’s just fab to see the sea of blossoming lavender flowers everywhere in your horizon!

Not to mention that if you’re looking for a romantic date, you couldn’t have asked for more.




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